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Establishing a Telehealth Center in Your Library

August 20, 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET


Libraries play a critical role in maintaining the welfare and safety of our communities. As we move forward, telehealth in libraries will become increasingly important, enabling patrons who may lack internet access to connect to their healthcare providers. Join Craig Settles, author of the “Telehealth Guide to Connecting Library Patrons to Better Health,” the Indiana Library Federation’s Lucinda Nord, and ENA’s Brian Hubbard for best practices and tips for getting started in telehealth. Attendees will learn what telehealth looks like in a library setting, hear use cases of libraries that have established their own telehealth programs, and understand the broadband infrastructure needed to facilitate these programs.

Meet the Speakers

  • Moderator: John Windhausen, executive director, SHLB Coalition
  • Craig Settles, industry consultant
  • Lucinda Nord, executive director, Indiana Library Federation
  • Brian Hubbard, senior manager of customer services, ENA

Past Webinars

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