The SHLB Coalition is a public interest organization that works to close the digital divide by promoting open, affordable, high-quality broadband for anchor institutions and their communities. As long-standing agents of equity and inclusion, anchors play a vital role in eliminating the digital divide. SHLB’s advocacy ensures that anchors’ unique needs and contributions are recognized and included in broadband policy discussions.


To achieve its mission, SHLB (“Shell-bee”) works closely with Congress, federal agencies (such as NTIA and the FCC), as well as state and local governments on a range of broadband policy issues. SHLB convenes hundreds of member organizations from across the broadband ecosystem that work cooperatively to inform and shape SHLB’s advocacy work and achieve policy outcomes. 


We hold calls with our members on a regular basis to discuss issues around E-rate, Rural Health Care, Wireless, Broadband Deployment and Digital Equity.  As a member, your organization has a seat at the SHLB table, which provides the following benefits and opportunities:

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SHLB proactively engages broadband leaders in Congress, key federal agencies and the FCC to shape policy proposals to closely align with our mission.  We learn from our members about real world solutions and bring these experiences to the attention of policymakers. Our experience navigating the process and reputation as a trusted voice on broadband policy ensures we get direct access to decision-makers and can influence policy and funding outcomes that drive success for our member organizations. Learn More link.

  • Policy Insiders - SHLB knows how to get in front of policymakers, regularly meeting with leaders in Congress, federal agencies and the FCC to present views on new proposals and to advocate for the broadband needs of anchor institutions and the residential consumers around them.
  • Informing PolicymakersSHLB shapes policy through formal channels, responding to requests for comments on policy proposals, commenting on legislation, filing court briefs, and more.
  • Connecting members with policymakers – As part of its advocacy, SHLB brings members into its meetings with policymakers so that they can directly tell their stories about how policy proposals impact their programs.
  • Have a Voice that Matters – Members, big or small, have an equal voice at the SHLB table. All members are welcome to share their views, comment, and participate in developing our advocacy positions.

As a national organization, SHLB fosters interaction among a dynamic community of leaders driving broadband and digital equity initiatives in their communities and nationally. SHLB members collaborate with peers from diverse fields and regions encouraging new ideas and innovations that catalyze your programs and initiatives, ultimately strengthening your outcomes. 

  • Join A diverse community of leaders– SHLB members hail from across the country and from small communities to national organizations to global companies – all aligned in support of anchor institutions. It’s a powerful network at your fingertips.
  • Build new collaborations and identify best practicesSHLB’s diverse membership and national scope exposes members to new partners, ideas and programs outside their traditional network.  This helps members find the right path forward more quickly and efficiently.

The broadband policy realm is complex and fast-moving; it can be hard to keep up, but also to grasp how proposals might impact your organization.  SHLB provides in-depth, real-time updates and analysis of broadband policy developments to keep your team informed. Learn More link.

  • Learn and Grow – SHLB is regularly providing updates on new policy developments through its biweekly member policy call, the monthly policy groups, policy chats and webinars. Knowing the ins and outs of broadband policy enables members to better prepare and take action and avoid being blindsided by changes and new developments.
  • Advocate More Effectively Everyone is an advocate these days,  championing their programs and funding needs, often to a range of stakeholders. Much of SHLB’s advocacy work is repurposed by members in their own arenas, making them a more informed and effective voice.
  • Leverage Collective Expertise SHLB’s policy updates are substantially enhanced by the expertise of its diverse community of members.  This community contributes insights and lived experience that explain the opportunities and challenges around policy issues. 


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Hear From Our Members

“SHLB raises the visibility of anchor institutions' needs for high-capacity internet connections, and helps them obtain the funding needed to serve their communities."

“SHLB provides an excellent forum for broadband advocacy, networking, sharing best practices, and staying knowledgeable about emerging technology, trends, and regulatory and legislative activity.” 

“Joining SHLB was a great decision for us.  Participating in the organization is informative and enjoyable and we are all doing great work on our mission of getting broadband to everyone.”

“SHLB is the only organization I know of that cross-cuts the various typical organizational groupings and truly represents all CAIs on broadband issues.”

“SHLB keeps me informed and advocates on behalf of K-12. The digital divide is real and SHLB is a respected partners in helping solve this challenge so every student will one day have an equal opportunity to learn.”