Broadband Deployment  

2024 Co-chairs 

Jenny Miller


Justin Fazzari

The Sanborn Mapping Company, AppGeo Division 

Dianne Lindstrom

Los Lobos Consulting

SHLB Staff Contact: John Windhausen 

The Broadband Deployment Policy Group discusses federal and state broadband programs to promote the deployment of open, high-quality broadband infrastructure across the country.  The Group advocates for policies that expand broadband investment for anchor institutions and unserved and underserved communities by the private sector and by non-profit providers such as research and education networks and municipalities. 

May Meeting Summary

April 16, 2024: On May 21, we discussed a few things during this call including:

  • Broadband Map Challenges: Approximately half of the state challenges to their broadband maps have been completed so far.

  • SHLB Symposium on Pole Attachments: The SHLB Symposium on pole attachment rates and practices is scheduled for June 13.

  • FCC’s RDOF Process Withdrawals: About one-third of RDOF awardees have relinquished at least some locations. We anticipate more withdrawals in the future.

Full meeting notes for this and prior meetings are available to members here.

The Group will focus primarily on federal programs, such as the BEAD, CPF and RDOF programs run by NTIA, Treasury Department and the FCC respectively.  The Group will also review state broadband maps and other state broadband initiatives to drive broadband investment that benefit anchor institutions.  The Group will also discuss and support regulatory changes that can drive greater broadband deployment, such as pole attachments, open access, tax relief and other policies to promote broadband investment to solve the digital divide.  

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