Membership Information

To join the SHLB Coalition, please select your organization type from the options below and complete the membership application. 

Annual membership dues are based on your organization type and your annual operating budget or revenues. The membership dues schedule is available here.

Anchor Institution

This category includes: K-12 schools or districts; non-profit education service agencies/units/districts, implementation units and BOCES; library or library systems; health clinics, hospitals, or health systems; higher education institutions such as community colleges, colleges, and universities; and other public service organizations (churches, community centers, etc).

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Local or State Government Department, Agency

This category includes Departments of Education or Public Instruction; state or local IT and Technology Services; State Libraries; state, county or local broadband and/or digital equity offices, and other public sector entities that are not in category A. 

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Association or Non-Profit

This category includes: library, K-12 Higher Ed, and health associations; public interest organizations; coalitions; advocacy organizations; council of governments; chambers and economic development councils; institutes, centers and councils (including university based); research organizations foundations, and public media organizations.

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For-Profit, Consultant, Consulting Firm

This category includes: for-profit companies; consulting firms; individual consultants and sole proprietorships; lawyers and law firms.


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Non-Profit Broadband Service Provider

This category includes: Research and Education Networks; Telehealth Networks; non-profit ISPs and Co-ops; and non-profit fee-for-service operators. Dues are based on annual revenues. 

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