Past SHLB Events

SHLB Sixth Annual Conference
April 27-29, 2016

Each year the SHLB Coalition’s Annual Conference attracts 200-300 people from across the country to discuss key broadband policy issues that are important to anchor institutions and their communities. The Sixth Annual Conference focused on E-rate Compliance, Lifeline Reform, Telehealth, and Fiber Build Out, as well as other policies and funding programs that impact broadband deployment for anchor institutions and their communities. Senator Angus King and Valerie Truesdale (the Chief Technology, Personalized Learning & Engagement Officer for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools) gave plenary addresses. Prominent policy makers from the FCC and NTIA discussed broadband deployment and adoption issues. Representatives of the Broadband Opportunities Council (BOC) participated on a lunch panel. Click here for a full agendabreakout sessions, and speaker information.

AnchorNETs Conference 
November 16-17, 2015

Developed by the SHLB Coalition in collaboration with Interwork Media, AnchorNETS was an educational and networking event designed to bring policy, funding, partnership and other key information to the public leadership from schools, libraries, health facilities – and the private sector as well, including network operators, communications carriers, technology vendors and professional services firms. Read more on the event website by clicking the link above.  

The National Broadband Plan After Five Years: An Anchor Institution Progress Report
March 17th, 2015

The Alliance for Excellent Education, SHLB Coalition, New America, and Benton Foundation on the five-year anniversary of the National Broadband Plan – reviewed the Community Anchor Institution broadband goals, accomplishments and unfinished work.  At the mid-point of the timeline for achieving the National Broadband Plan’s Goal #4 (calling for Anchor Institutions to have 1 Gigabit per second broadband by the year 2020), the United States has made great strides but has much more work to do. High-quality broadband is vitally important for schools, libraries, health providers and other anchor institutions to provide digital learning opportunities, tele-medicine services and other essential on-line services to their communities. The federal government and many state governments have taken significant steps to improve the broadband capabilities of the nation’s schools, libraries and health care providers, but we will need to re-double efforts to reach this goal by the year 2020, particularly in rural areas.

The Kansas Statewide Broadband Conference
January 20-21, 2015

Capitalizing upon the momentum created by innovative Kansas communities, the Kansas Department of Commerce, in partnership with the SHLB Coalition, brought together community leaders from across the state to examine the current and future state of broadband connectivity. Critical stakeholders from schools, libraries, health-care providers, businesses, government, broadband Internet Service Providers, and many others convened to develop actionable strategies to accelerate access and utilization of broadband technologies. Video of plenary and breakout sessions available now.

The 2014 Michigan Broadband Conference.
October 29, 2014

Broadband and technology are critical to positioning Michigan at the forefront of the digital economy.  SHLB with Connect Michigan, a non-profit organization tasked with facilitating the expansion of broadband access, adoption, and use throughout the state, hosted a broadband and technology conference.The 2014 Michigan Broadband Conference brought together community leaders from education, libraries, economic development, local government, healthcare, and technology sectors to share and learn cross-collaborative best practices for expanding broadband and technology access, adoption, and use and move Michigan to the forefront of the digital economy.

School/Library Partnerships and Other Anchor Institution Broadband Strategies
October 2, 2014

The Fall Symposium explored ​school-library ​broadband ​partnerships, ​the ​Connect ​America ​Fund ​reforms, ​and ​other ​strategies ​to ​promote ​broadband ​deployment ​for ​community ​anchor ​institutions. ​ ​Policy-makers, ​broadband ​providers ​and ​school/library ​representatives​ discussed ​the ​implications ​of ​the ​FCC's ​most ​recent ​E-rate ​order ​and ​the ​additional ​changes ​to ​the ​E-rate ​Program.

2014 SHLB Annual Conference
May 7-9, 2014

The 2014 Annual Conference had a great variety of speakers from the public, private and non-profit sectors. Speakers included: Senator Ed Markey; Louis Fox, CEO, CENIC; Jon Wilkins, Managing Director, FCC; Jon Chambers, FCC Office of Strategic Plans and Policy; Matt Quinn, FCC Director of Healthcare Initiatives; Dr. Dallas Dance, Superintendent, Baltimore County Public Schools; Tom Power, Deputy Director, White House OSTP; Richard Culatta, U.S. Dept of Education; Laura Breeden, NTIA; Erica Swanson, Google; Michael Daum, Microsoft; Jeff Campbell, Cisco and ; Blair Levin, Executive Director, Gig.U.

Schools and Libraries Broadband Reform Seminar
October 1, 2013

The SHLB Coalition held its first Fall Seminar in 2013.  People gathered to learn and discuss the important issue of high capacity bandwidth for schools and libraries.

2013 SHLB Annual Conference
May 1-3, 2013

"Getting to Gigabit: The Future of Broadband for Anchor Institutions and Their Communities" was a successful SHLB Conference. It was attended by BTOP and BIP grantees, broadband providers, and policy-makers seeking to learn what they can do to promote economic growth and social inclusion through anchor institutions.