Promoting Broadband for Anchor Institutions
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About SHLB

The SHLB Coalition promotes government policies and programs to enable schools, libraries, health care providers, other anchor institutions and their communities to obtain open, affordable, high-speed, broadband connections to the Internet. 

The SHLB Coalition seeks to improve the quality of life of people across the United States by improving access to educational, informational, medical, public safety and other essential services available over the Internet.  Deploying high-capacity broadband to community anchor institutions -- libraries, schools, health care facilities, community colleges and other colleges, museums, community centers and others -- is critically important to our national well-being.

The Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition was created in 2009 in Washington, D.C. to help address the shortage of adequate broadband for anchor institutions and their communities. ["SHLB" is pronounced "shell-bee"] The SHLB Coalition is a broad-based organization of anchor institutions, commercial and non-profit broadband providers, foundations, public interest groups, and others that work together to develop and support policies to improve broadband connectivity for anchor institutions and their communities in all regions of the country – urban, suburban and especially rural.

The SHLB Coalition is founded on the belief that, in a world of limited financial resources, deploying broadband networks to serve anchor institutions is a cost-efficient investment in our nation's future. Deploying broadband to anchor institutions can improve broadband access to millions of people (low-income, elderly, migrants, etc.) who may not otherwise have access to the Internet. Anchor institution personnel can train people about broadband services and technologies, thereby stimulating broadband usage and demand. Furthermore, high-capacity “Middle Mile” broadband networks serving community anchor institutions can be used as “jumping off points” to serve surrounding residential and business consumers. Building high-capacity broadband to community anchor institutions has a multiplier effect that generates  tremendous "bang for the buck."

For the complete Mission Statement of the SHLB Coalition, click here