Sponsor Spotlight: ENA

The information below was provided to the SHLB Coalition by ENA.


ENA delivers transformative technology solutions supported by exceptional customer care to healthcare, education, and library communities across the nation. Since 1996, we have worked with our customers to design and engineer high-capacity and future-ready broadband, Wi-Fi/LAN, communication, cloud, and security solutions.


At ENA, we are privileged to serve community anchor institutions that play a critical role in maintaining and fostering our collective wellbeing. That is why delivering exceptional customer care is more than a priority for us—it is part of our ENA DNA.

With ENA, you are never alone. We listen. We respond. We help.


ENA was founded on vision of providing internet access to every K-12 school in Tennessee. That vision now includes connecting education, library, healthcare, and government organizations nationwide, which is why we joined the SHLB Coalition in 2009 as one of its founding members. In the time since, we’ve done everything we can to support and advance the SHLB Coalition mission of high-quality broadband for every anchor institution in the country. Our partnership with SHLB helps us empower communities by doing what we do best: connecting anchor institutions. 

Learn how ENA is working with your community.

For more information, please visit www.ena.com, call 866-615-1101, or email info@ena.com.


Source – ENA website resources.