Lifeline Policy

In 2016 SHLB celebrated the modernization of the Lifeline order. Because of SHLB's participation in the Lifeline coalition and comments filed with the FCC, the modernization allowed community anchor institutions to serve as aggregators of Lifeline customers. However, recent events could put Lifeline at risk. Stay tuned as SHLB works closely with other organizations to preserve Lifeline.

SHLB Documents on Lifeline Reform

March 20, 2020 Joint Letter to the FCC Requesting Increased Lifeline Support During COVID-19 Crisis
November 9, 2017 SHLB's Letter to FCC on Lifeline NPRM
March 24, 2016 SHLB's Ex-Parte Letter Regarding Wifi, Tethering and the Lifeline Program
March 11, 2016 SHLB's Lifeline Letter Filed with the FCC
March 2, 2016 Joint Lifeline and Link UP Reform and Modernization Letter
August 31, 2015 SHLB Lifeline Comments