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The Infrastructure, Investment, and Jobs Act (IIJA) passed by Congress in late 2021 provided an unprecedented $65 billion in funding for broadband, most of it for broadband infrastructure. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will allocate $42.5 billion to the states through the Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) Program.

The states will then award broadband grants to connect the unserved, underserved, and anchor institutions. We are pleased that the IIJA mentions CAIs twenty-nine times, and that the BEAD program specifically calls for anchor institutions to receive gigabit-capacity service. In addition, the IIJA provided funding to the Rural Utility Service (RUS) for the ReConnect program, $1 billion to NTIA for the Middle Mile program, and $2 billion to NTIA for Tribal broadband.

The SHLB Coalition is working with state broadband offices on anchor-related broadband needs as they plan for and implement these new infrastructure projects. We will also continue to discuss anchor-related issues and concerns with the NTIA, the FCC, the Treasury Department and Congress to ensure CAIs are fully eligible for broadband funding opportunities. 

SHLB's Advocacy

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SHLB et al LOC Comments to NTIA 


August 4, 2023

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Comments of the Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition in
Response to NTIA’s Proposed BEAD Challenge Process Guidance

May 5, 2023

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SHLB Comments on OIR BEAD

April 17, 2023
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SHLB Response to Senator Thune's Dec. 6, 2022 Letter

January 13, 3023


SHLB wrote to senator John Thune respoinging to the our December 6, 2022 letter regarding the Implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and other broadband issues.


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Letter to U.S. Commerce regarding "Build America, Buy America"

May 10, 2022


SHLB requested that the U.S. Department of Commerce provide a public interest waiver for "Build America, Buy America" requirements that could delay broadband deployment under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act programs. 


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Comments to the NTIA regarding broadband programs in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
February 4, 2022

SHLB's comments include recommendations for the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program, the Middle Mile Funding Program, and the Digital Equity Act.


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Joint letter to the Senate regarding the Infrastructure Bill

August 5, 2021


SHLB joined the American Library Association (ALA),  State Educational Technical Directors Association (SEDTA), and Consortium on School Networking (CoSN) in asking the Senate to make an adjustment to the infrastructure bill text. 


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Comments to the Department of Treasury regarding COVID-19 State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds
July 16, 2021

The SHLB Coalition wrote to the Department of Treasury, urging it to ensure that anchor institutions are served by recipients of broadband funding from the the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds program.


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Key Documents

February 2018
To and Through Anchors - A Strategy to Connect Rural Communities

February 2018
A Model for Understanding the Cost to Connect Anchor Institutions with Fiber

July 2016
Connecting Anchor Institutions - A Broadband Action Plan

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