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Broadband maps are critical for targeting broadband funding to the areas most in need. But creating accurate and granular broadband maps is easier said than done. The Federal Communications Commission’s maps, for example, tend to overstate broadband availability and do not include any information about community anchor institution connectivity.

Congress passed the Broadband DATA Act in 2020 to improve the FCC’s broadband maps, but many states and municipalities believe their own initiatives provide an additional level of granularity. The SHLB Coalition examines the pros and cons of various mapping methodologies, particularly as they relate to anchor institution broadband. Government officials should incorporate all available information and data into their funding decisions, going beyond maps that estimate broadband coverage areas submitted by traditional providers, to chart the quality – speed, latency, reliability, and “on-the-ground” availability – of broadband service.


Key Documents

National Broadband Map


March 2020
Broadband DATA Act




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Ex parte to the FCC regarding broadband mapping


January 15, 2021

SHLB met with the FCC to suggest that any upcoming broadband maps should include community anchor institutions.


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Letter to Congress regarding broadband mapping and anchor institutions


December 1, 2020

The SHLB Coalition proposed that Congress should only provide full funding for new FCC broadband maps if the maps include community anchor institutions


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Ex parte letter to the FCC regarding broadband mapping
October 6, 2020

SHLB met with the FCC to support including broadband data about anchor institutions in new broadband maps.


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Comments to the FCC regarding mapping


September 8, 2020

SHLB's comments ask the Commission to collect and publish broadband maps that include community anchor institutions.


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