"Back-to-school looms for kids without Wi-Fi — and Congress"
July 07, 2020


Date: July 7, 2020

Outlet: Roll Call

Written By: Michael Macagnone and Dean DeChiaro

Excerpt: "As students are unable to complete homework assignments at home, they are stuck in the 'homework gap.' The pandemic has only made their situation worse.

"'Education is like building blocks,' said John Windhausen Jr., director of the nonprofit Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition. 'If these students aren’t able to receive a high-quality education this year, they’re going to spend next year trying to catch up and will fall behind their peers who did have online learning capabilities.'”

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Original Posting: https://www.rollcall.com/2020/07/07/back-to-school-looms-for-kids-without-wi-fi-and-congress/

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