"FCC considers expanding E-rate program to student homes"
July 30, 2019


Date: July 30, 2019

Outlet: EdScoop

Written By: Ryan Johnston

Excerpt: "The GAO recommended that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai research — potentially through a pilot program — the cost of making houses with school-age children that don’t have wireless internet eligible for the FCC’s E-Rate program. In response, Pai has tasked the FCC’s Office of Economics and Analytics to gather that data, according to a response letter included in the report. The FCC will begin by commissioning a report evaluating a 2011 pilot program that saw E-Rate eligibility expanded into residencies.

Alicja Johnson, a spokesperson for the Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition, told EdScoop in an email that the nonprofit group supports the decision."

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Original Posting: https://edscoop.com/gao-report-fcc-erate-beyond-school/

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