"FCC Under Fire for Considering Major Change to Federal Funding for School Technology"
June 03, 2019


Date: June 3, 2019

Outlet: THE Journal

Written By: Sara Friedman

Excerpt: "For over 20 years, schools and libraries have been able to access funds for broadband connectivity from the Federal Communications Commissionthrough the E-rate program. Now, the FCC is considering making a major change to the E-rate program that has the Consortium for School Networking and the Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition is concerned. Under a May 31 notice for proposed rulemaking, the FCC outlines a plan to consolidate the four programs under the Universal Service Fund into a single spending cap."

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Original Posting: https://thejournal.com/articles/2019/06/03/fcc-under-fire-for-considering-major-change-to-federal-funding-for-school-technology.aspx

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