A Toast to 200 SHLB Coalition Members
July 09, 2020


SHLB Celebrates 200 membersBy Emily Olson, chief operating officer, SHLB Coalition

In 2013, SHLB’s office was based in my living room. We had 32 wonderful member organizations and some big milestones planned out, though they seemed far away at the time. I’m pleased to announce that we reached one of those milestones last month, when we welcomed the Asbury Park Public Library as our 200th member. 

We are incredibly excited to see so many organizations from every corner of this country are joining us to advance our mission of affordable, high-quality broadband for every anchor institution and the community it serves.

Our recent surge in new memberships showcases one of the things that makes SHLB so special: the diversity of our members. From independent school districts to telehealth networks to local internet service providers and more, SHLB welcomes any organization that supports our mission. This diversity allows us to develop policy solutions that are comprehensive, future-proof, and commercially-viable. 

We believe it’s possible to connect every anchor and every community without creating winners and losers, and until we can declare, “mission complete!,” we will continue working toward that goal. All 200 of us … and counting.

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