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President Trump and senior members of congress have announced plans to include broadband in upcoming infrastructure legislation. Track breaking developments and SHLB's advocacy to ensure schools, libraries, clinics, and other community anchor institutions (CAIs) are recognized in infrastructure legislation.

The Internet has become perhaps the most important basic infrastructure – in fact, some argue that broadband access to the Internet is a “meta-infrastructure” that benefits transportation, energy and all other infrastructures. Yet rural areas have been left in the dust when it comes to staying up to speed in the digital age. Thirty-nine percent of rural Americans and 41 percent of tribal lands lack access to basic 25 Mpbs broadband service. Compare those numbers to only 4 percent of urban residents. SHLB's American Broadband Connectivity (ABC) Proposal seeks to address this persistent digital divide and build the virtual roads needed to pave the path to the future.



SHLB's ABC Proposal

The goal of this program is to ensure that every American community has affordable, high-capacity broadband connectivity to the Internet through its community anchor institutions (CAIs). This document recommends a variety of policy measures to encourage commercial and non-commercial broadband providers to deploy fiber and wireless broadband networks efficiently and to make those services available to the general public at affordable prices through each community’s anchor institutions.

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Senators and House Representatives Urge Trump to Include Broadband

January 31, 2017 - In a bipartisan letter to President Trump the co-chairs of the Senate Broadband Caucus led 48 other senators in urging the prioritization of policies that will promote deployment of high-speed, reliable broadband for all Americans as part of any infrastructure initiative. The day before, a bipartisan group of congressmen had the same ask, highlighting the importance of broadband for businesses, communication, emergency response, agricultural efficiency, and education.

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