SHLB Coalition to Make Special Presentation at INCOMPAS Show
October 22, 2018


Next week, SHLB Coalition Executive Director John Windhausen and Fatbeam CEO Greg Green will head to Las Vegas to make a special presentation at the 2018 INCOMPAS Show. Join them at 7:45 a.m. on October 31, 2018 for a look into the SHLB Coalition's efforts in working with the FCC, Congress, and the Trump Administration to create funding opportunities for competitive broadband companies. They'll share lessons from SHLB's success in obtaining funding for rural telehealth networks, preview the Rural Utilities Services' upcoming e-Connectivity Pilot Program, and make the case for more comprehensive broadband funding legislation in the next Congress. 

This special session will show competitive broadband providers how they can join with the SHLB Coalition in advocating for a more competitive market serving anchor institutions and their communities. Be sure to register for the INCOMPAS Show to attend!

Download the presentation slides.

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