SHLB Raises Questions about Impact of Sprint and T-Mobile Merger On Anchor Institutions and Consumers
April 30, 2018


For Immediate Release:
April 30, 2018

Amy Robinson       
Communications Manager, SHLB Coalition   
(202) 261-6599


Washington, DC (April 30, 2018) - T-Mobile and Sprint agreed to a $26 billion merger yesterday that could reduce facilities-based competition in the wireless marketplace. The Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition is raising questions about the impact of this merger on students, consumers and community anchor institutions across the nation.

The following statement can be attributed to John Windhausen, Jr., Executive Director of SHLB:

"The announcement by Sprint and T-Mobile that they intend to merge raises a host of important questions for anchor institutions and for consumers.  How will this merger affect the delivery of data services to low-income students, especially those using the 2.5 GHz (EBS) band of spectrum? Will this merger promote greater or lesser investment in 5G networks serving anchor institutions?  What effect will the merger have on consumer prices? The SHLB Coalition encourages the Department of Justice to examine whether this merger will promote or harm competition, and encourages the Federal Communications Commission to examine the merger closely to see if it meets the public interest."




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