Full Membership

The SHLB Coalition is actively seeking to expand its membership. We seek a diversity of members from the anchor institutions' community and from the commercial and non-commercial sectors.  If you are interested in joining the SHLB Coalition, review the SHLB Mission Statement, fill out a full member application, and send it to info@shlb.org. The SHLB Coalition will review the application and respond in two weeks.

If you wish to become an affiliate member, find more information here.

Policy Advocacy

  • Full members may participate in developing SHLB's policy positions via e-mail and in our twice-monthly policy calls.
  • SHLB serves as a liaison between full members and broadband policy makers. 
  • Full members can participate on SHLB Committees (Conference Planning, Membership, Board, etc.)

Access to Information

  • Full members receive regular broadband policy updates and access to broadband marketplace resources via SHLB's website and Full Member Only email distribution.
  • SHLB members frequently share information and policy developments via the SHLB "Full Members only" conference calls.
  • SHLB members can access the Membership Directory with contact information for our other members.


  • SHLB members can develop partnerships with other members through the SHLB distribution list and the "members-only" section of the SHLB website.
  • SHLB members can interact with and learn from a variety of experts in the SHLB community, including broadband providers, consulting firms, non-profit foundations and national public interest advocates.
  • SHLB members receive discounted registration fees for attending SHLB events and conferences.



  • SHLB members are given preference in speaking positions at SHLB events and conferences, which allows SHLB members to spread the word about their efforts to support community anchors.
  • SHLB members' logos are featured on the home page of our website and their names are listed on our "Members" page.


Fill out a full member application and send it to info@shlb.org.


We look forward to working with you to promote open, affordable, high-capacity broadband for anchor institutions and their communities!

How to Join